Skip Bags

Different guides:

Quick Guide to what we DO accept:
Brick rubble
Garden Furniture
Garden Tools
Garden waste (all)
Lawn Mowers
Old Bikes
Outdoor Toys
Plant Pots
Pond Linings and Garden features
PVCu Windows
Slides & Swings
Storage Units
Trees & Shrubs

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Quick Guide to what we DO accept:
Carpets (uplift service available)
Computer Peripherals
Digi Boxes
DVD & Video Players
Electrical Appliances
Kids Toys
Kitchen Units
Laminate Flooring
Loft Clutter
Mobile Phones & Electrical Gizmos.
Office Filing Cabinets
Plumbing & heating tanks & Cylinders
Satellite Dishes
Wooden furniture and items

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Quick guide to what we DO NOT accept:
Bag-it Waste cannot accept anything that is Hazardous or Toxic. Items such as:

Animal Faeces
Car Oil
Chemical Waste & Solvents
Dirty Nappies
Light Bulbs
Medical Waste
Tins of paint

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Some Hazardous items that we can collect by special arrangement are:

Car batteries
Computer monitors
Food Waste
Fridges or Freezers
Leisure Gas Bottles
Plasterboard Gypsum
TV monitors

We list these items separately because these have to be disposed of under licensed conditions which do incur an additional charge. Please call us for a quotation.

Skip Bags

Why Skip Bag Hire?

Skip Bags are a popular alternative to traditional skip hire and made from a strong heavy duty plastic, which is designed to hold up to 1 tonne of building, garden or DIY waste. Skip Bags are especially useful for properties with difficult access to a Skip loader.

One of the main benefits to Skip Bag hire, is that you can load the waste in your own time - simply store the bag until you’re ready to load it, then call us to make collection.


Regular Skip Bag:

- Ideal for general building waste, DIY, garden or household rubbish
- Capacity: 1 cubic yard (holds 1 tonne).
- Comes flat-packed, opening out to 90 x 90 x 90cm


Skip Bags come flat packed, so you can simply store them until needed, then use at your leisure.

No need to pay for skip permits from the council. With easier access for collection you can store the skip bag on your own property.

You don't need to be there. Skip bag loaders can access your waste without you having to wait around.

Easy access. If necessary we can take your skip bag over a wall or fence using a grab loader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

FAQ’s If you’re still unsure about what you can or can’t place in one of the bags then either call us and we’ll help on 01273 871971 or fill in your requirements into the form on the Contact Us Page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Failing that have a look below.

What is a SkipBAG?

In plain terms a SkipBAG is a strong and durable bag that can be used just like a small skip. They come flat packed so you can buy it today, and store it away in your garage, shed or cupboard allowing you to organise your project in your own time and not be at the mercy of the weather, expensive road permits or hire terms like with a conventional skip – its ready when you are.

Why use a SkipBAG instead of a skip?

A SkipBAG has many advantages over hiring a conventional skip.

Once you have purchased your SkipBAG, you can start when you like, and take as long as you like, whereas the period of hire for a steel skip is usually 7/10 days – regardless of the weather forecast.

Arranging a road permit for a skip can be costly and often impossible to get sited on narrow streets, whereas a SkipBAG is perfect for people who have limited space for a skip or no drive at all.

Our specialist trucks can lift a SkipBAG from awkward locations over walls and fences*.

A SkipBAG is made from a strong durable material which will not damage your drive, or leave rust marks when it rains.

Also unlike a skip lorry, we can make multiple deliveries and collections to several properties in one journey, making us cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

* If you are unsure please check with us before positioning your skipBAG behind a wall or fence

What can I put in my SkipBAG?

We accept waste from Home DIY projects, House Clearances, Garden refuse, Junk from your Garage, Loft or cellar, Debris from major refurbishments, construction and demolition waste from renovations.
NOTE: If you are disposing of soil or brick rubble, it would be appreciated if you could avoid waste contamination by mixing general waste whilst loading. Place it on top.

Where do I set up my SkipBAG?

Depending on your property layout, ideally you need to ensure the centre of your SkipBAG is no more than 4 metres (13ft.) away from the roadside.Unlike a conventional skip lorry that lifts a skip from the spot it was dropped and from the rear of the truck, our collection truck will need to lift your SkipBAG from the side, and as we are relying on you to site the SkipBAG, positioning is imperative.Try to avoid placing the SkipBAG where there are overhead cables, trees or close to structures and vehicles.
Once you have unfolded your SkipBAG, observe the attached instructions to assemble the SkipBAG.

Where do I set up my SkipBAG?

To give you an indication of what size is best this will always be determined by how you load it. A good guide would normally be based on the size of items you need to get rid of.

If you are digging your garden, or carrying out a small DIY project like ripping out a fireplace, the Midi SkipBAG is just the job.

If you are taking on a home improvement like replacing a bathroom suite, or knocking down a wall, the Mega SkipBAG will make light work of this.

Weight restriction

If you are disposing of heavy waste such as soil, clay, brick rubble or tarmac, the following applies:

Midi SkipBAG – All waste can be loaded to the top.

Mega SkipBAG – Fill two thirds of heavy inert waste, fill to top with light waste.

All SkipBAG sizes can be loaded to the top creating a level load.

You can also take advantage of our Multi Collection Discount, where we offer a discount of £10 off your second and subsequent SkipBAG’s when we collect them at the same time from the same property.

In some cases we will honour this discount when you share your collection with a close neighbour.

Can I have more SkipBAG’s delivered when we have a collection?

Yes, if you book online, or by telephone you can arrange to have another SkipBAG/s delivered at the same time.
Please note it is essential you make the correct payment for the sized skipBAG you have arranged to be collected, as pre-payment for an incorrect sized SkipBAG will result in a failed collection charge being added to your bill.

How strong is a SkipBAG?

The SkipBAG is made from a woven material that gives it such strength, so even if it is punctured it will not continue to tear. Please do not attempt to move or drag the SkipBAG once full, this may cause the load to spill out or worse still cause you an injury. Although our SkipBAG’s are limited to 1000kgs weight capacity, our SkipBAG’s have actually been stress tested and certified up to 3 tonnes for safety, unfortunately most cranes can only lift to a total of 1500kgs at a time. So do not be fooled by cheaper alternatives or claims of a SkipBAG that can take away heavier waste than 1500kgs - we offer only the best.

I have a bag that’s not yours, would you collect it?

YES! We can take bags of any make and any colour If you’re happy that the bag is not damaged, and will take the weight of your waste, we will take this as well. We also take away half full builders bags of sand or ballast. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any liability if the bag fails in the process of removal and any damage would be at your responsibility. We would need you to sign a damage waiver before we attempt to lift.

Simple on-line ordering

Our SkipBAG’s can be ordered online for a next-day delivery to your door. We attend several local events during the course of the year where you can also buy SkipBAG’s or if you spot a Sussex SkipBAG truck, stop me and buy one!

Do you service my area?

We currently cover most areas, however some areas may incur additional service charges due to their locality or accessibility. Always contact our office first before you start to load your SkipBAG.

Can you give me a time for collection?

Unfortunately we are unable to give you a specific time of arrival. This is due to several factors. Our trucks are multi collection vehicles, that have to be at full capacity to make the collection of your SkipBAG cost effective. This is why we promote a 2-3 working day collection to build a ‘milk round’ to make the retrieval process logistically viable and at the same time keeping our costs down. As bookings come in, the route changes and your SkipBAG will be slotted in to allow us to reduce the environmental impact in carbon emissions whilst collecting your SkipBAG.